Informed Design: Providing Feedback

South Puget Sound Community College // April 13-14

Courses in this series:

1. Principles of user-centered design (Val)
2. Practices of user-centered design (Val)
3. Writing for the web (Val)
4. Mastering usability
5. Planning and preparing for usability testing
6. Conducting usability testing (Val)
7. Measuring the user experience
8. Informed design: providing feedback (this class)


Dropbox files // Timer

Designing the User Experience (pdf)

Tests, Tools, Links


  • It’s Our Research
  • I’m On My Way But Your Foot Is On My Head
  • Presentation Zen
  • The Truthful Art
  • User Interface Design and Evaluation


Web sites


Course Description

This 2-day class explores tools and techniques used to transform UCD testing results into real improvements on websites.

Whether short and impromptu or more formal and in-depth, usability testing yields data. The goal of user-centered design is to, when feasible, let that data drive design and functionality changes. After organizing and evaluating test results, it’s time to share conclusions and suggestions with those who design and develop our web pages and online applications.

In this class, participants will gain a solid understanding of the preferred LNI design workflow. They will explore the use of wireframes, site maps, flow charts, and other design diagrams to establish a common language so designers and project teams can capture ideas, track progress, and keep their all interested parties informed.

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