Mastering usability testing

South Puget Sound Community College // January 6-7


Tests and Tools


DropBox files // Timer

Sample usability testing documents from

Heuristic Evaluation Exercise

Track your steps to help you make an assessment; you can use the back of an evaluation sheet. Taking notes is a non-verbal “thinking out loud” practice. If you’re doing this in a closed environment, consider thinking out loud with a recorder running. Take screen captures of things that are especially good or especially egregious. (Kathy > pitch Skitch)

For your analysis, use the 12 new/revised heuristics (the set that includes privacy).

  • You recently moved here and registered to vote with the Washington Secretary of State. Starting at the SOS website, check to see if you are yet officially registered.
  • You recently moved to Pierce County. You want to see what’s on the ballot for the February election. Starting at the SOS website, find what’s on the Pierce County ballot in February.
  • You want to go see Star Wars this weekend. Go to (phone or desktop) and find a showing near you for Sunday afternoon that has tickets available.
  • Sites/tasks from L&I?

Focus on

  • Effective (could you accomplish the task)
  • Efficient (how straightforward/time-consuming was the task)
  • Error tolerant (errors anticipated by the application? error message clarity?)


Essays and Examples


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