13 February 2019

Best extensions for Brackets, an open source editor


Brackets is a plain Jane, open source, code editor fully optimized for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Initially developed by Adobe, Brackets was designed specifically for front-end designers.

The developer community has created a variety of extensions to allow you to customize Brackets to meet. your work needs.

brackets extension manager

To add an extension, launch Extension Manager.

brackets add extensions

Then click the lower left link to paste an extension URL (to GitHub source) into the popup.

brackets git hub install

1. AutoSaver

AutoSaver Brackets extension saves your work, as you type!

2. Beautify

Beautify Brackets extension formats open HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files so that your code looks good.

3. Brackets Icons

Brackets Icons adds colorful file type icons to the file tree, such as JavaScript, HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, PNG, and JPG.

4. Emmet

Emmet Brackets extension improves your coding workflow by expanding the CSS and HTML code tags abbreviations automagically.

5. HTML 5 Template

HTML 5 Template is a collection of code required to be HTML 5 compliant. Customize it by clicking Shift+Tab or “EDIT > HTML5 template”.

6. Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Brackets extension makes dummy text quick-and-easy. All you need to do is specify the number of words you’d like to have and it’ll automatically appear. For example, if you want 100 words of dummy text, you just type lorem_wrap100. and the text will appear.

7. Tabs

Tabs Brackets extension adds a toolbar that lets you show/hide tabs of active documents on the top of the editor.

8. W3C Validation

W3C Validation Brackets extension enables W3C validation support. To use this extension, open any HTML file and then check the bottom right corner of Brackets. A green icon means all is well; yellow is a warning sign. Click the icon to open a panel showing the current issues.


Although there is a Brackets Twitter account, it’s been dormant since last summer.







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