16 April 2018

Case study: upgrading print magazine subscription to digital (good luck with that)

milk street logo

The magazine subscription application design adopted by Milk Street Magazine suggests that the primary persona (if there was one) was the magazine billing department, not the subscriber. Marketing implicated as well in this case study.

The scenario: I subscribed to Milk Street magazine in March after buying a copy of the print magazine. I followed instructions on the “subscribe” card in the magazine.

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28 March 2018

Make your password form fields logical to use


Possibly the most common web form we encounter these days is the ubiquitous wifi password login. Almost every organization that provides wifi – public or password-protected – requires that we accept their terms of use before giving us interwebs access.

With any interaction, designers must present information and actions logically. In this case study, that’s the fail.

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15 February 2018

Six tips for giving design feedback

colored pencils

Design that occurs in a vacuum is usually called “art.”

Design that has its goal the desire to help users solve problems does not happen in a vacuum. We need to learn how to give (and receive) feedback from peers, clients and bosses.

Whether you aspire to the manager track or want to be a productive member of a design team, you’ll need to get comfortable giving feedback. The rules for providing effective feedback for a design parallel those for giving feedback on employee performance.

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