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Communicating web content language choice

The web is no longer dominated by English speakers: only about 1-in-4 Internet users speak English. Even native-English speaking countries have substantial populations that are more comfortable communicating in a different language. And some websites are required by law to provide information in alternate languages. There are two types of multilingual content: web sites geolocated to a […]

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A design classic, reimagined

Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things did more than introduce me to interaction design. It became the foundation for almost all of my teaching/coaching/consulting. I read the book sometime in the mid-1990s, when my web design career was young. Migrated to parent blog, WiredPen.

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Yes, Virginia, designers still need to worry about “click cost”

Once upon a time, information architects and web designers fretted about “click cost” because the “cost” was both tangible and emotional: time and frustration. “Click cost” is not the “pay per click” or “cost per click” associated with ad buys. “Click cost” represents the time involved for a page to load or the cognitive effort that […]