Usability Studies

Bellevue College // December 8, 13, 15

Usability refers to the factors that make a product, service or other technology systems easy for humans to use and understand. Typically, the more usable a system is, the more efficient the system will be, and the users will be more comfortable and satisfied with their use of the system. Usability considers human factors, ergonomics, psychology, and efficiency, and strives to make something that works for a range of people, without sacrificing functionality.

In this course, students will analyze existing systems and use heuristics to communicate usability standards. Students will also create and test prototypes to understand how usability testing can improve human-computer interactions. This course explores several branches of user experience design, including interaction design, information architecture, navigation, and user needs.

This is a class for those who wish to know more about usability, human-computer interaction, and the psychological aspects of computing.

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