UX Notes

Case studies, critiques, tools designed to help improve the digital user experience. I can help you avoid mistakes so that your customers have a delightful experience rather than a painful one.

I’ve been studying and writing about user experience on the web since the mid-1990s. I’ve created this subsite as a place for quick posts about UX/UI. The examples will probably be “negative” ones, those that caused me pain. I’ll try to recognize “good” ones, too, but it’s the painful ones that get the most attention. Squeaky wheels and all of that!

Eventually, I’ll get all of my TFM (yes that’s an acronym that is a bit profane) columns up here, too. Those were written pre-blogging era.

Kathy E. Gill

Kathy Gill
OneLiner: I’m a writer, educator, digital evangelist and motorcyclist.

There’s a more detailed bio at kegill.com as well as at WiredPen (where most of this content ran originally).

And my Social Kathy page is also on WiredPen.