Usability, session 2


  • Recap/Assignment Discussion
    • Completed assignment (7 students)
      • AlisonAnuAysun, Chen, LauraSilvia, Susan
  • Lecture/Discussion/Questions
  • Assignments for Thursday


For Session 3

  • Perform this first-click test before noon on Thursday; please use your BC email address so you can get credit for the assignment (assignment 2, note if there are more than 10 students I need to create two tests and assign students to each)
  • Perform two heurestic walk-throughs (assignment 3)
    • Pick 2-3 heurestics (or rewrite) to test two websites (this one and one of your own choosing)
    • Identify a user
    • Write a task
    • What are you trying to measure/ascertain
    • Test
    • Write a report
    • Handout (three heurestics/design guidelines)
  • By noon on Thursday, email the heurestic analysis to me at
    kathy.gill at
    subject line: Usability Class




  1. June 8
  2. June 12
  3. June 15