Session 2, writing exercise

We’re working from this PDF at GoodSam.


You’re part of the content team at an RV company. Your boss wants you to convert the Good Sam PDF to web copy. You want to make sure that the copy is as readable as possible.

Your team has developed personas for your website, and you use them when developing new content for the blog and website. This is the persona you think would be most interested in the content of this PDF.

Sly and Felicia

Sly and Felicia have begun mapping their travels across the United States and Canada after Sly turns 65 next year. They’ve been married 25 years and have an aging miniature poodle. Each has an adult child from a prior marriage; part of their journeys will be visiting grandchildren. Both are professionals (Felicia a medical transcriptionist; Sly an associate professor of engineering). They’re pretty no muss, no fuss in their approach to life. Felicia’s guilty pleasure is mocha caramel ice cream; Sly’s is a nice port and chocolate.

*** Task ***

They’ve settled on an RV and are now worrying over what car they’ll have as part of their travels. They want a car roomy enough for day trips, and that can also carry their bicycles. They’d rather not have to buy a trailer too — they just want to tow the car behind their motorhome. They can both drive a stick shift, but they’d rather have an automatic: they’re not looking for a sports car! And they aren’t sure that they want a new car, given the investment in the RV.



Thinking about Sly and Felicia and our discussion about writing usable copy (scannable, active voice, concise, bullets), look at the towing guide that begins on page 14 of the PDF.

  • What questions are Sly and Felicia trying to answer (related to this document)?
  • How might you structure the information from pages 15-16 so that it’s scannable and answers their questions?
  • How might you rework the table on pages 17-24?


One possible rewrite