Measuring the user experience

South Puget Sound Community College // March 9-10

Courses in this series:

1. Principles of user-centered design (Val)
2. Practices of user-centered design (Val)
3. Writing for the web (Val)
4. Mastering usability
5. Planning and preparing for usability testing
6. Conducting usability testing (Val)
7. Measuring the user experience (this class)
8. Informed design: providing feedback (April)



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Course Description

Usability consultants and other web professionals must justify their design decisions with solid, reliable, and relevant data. This course provides the participant  with the quantitative analysis expertise needed to extract this meaningful data from their usability test results.

User testing techniques vary and, as such, the methods used to compile, evaluate and analyze data vary as well. This class explores options for collecting and documenting test results. Well-planned and implemented user testing provides relevant results. Participants will explore and analyze these results to target design areas in need of improvement.

  • Overview of usability testing analysis
  • Introduction to user experience metrics
  • Ten myths about usability metrics
  • Collecting focus and user group results
  • Collecting and documenting other site stats
  • Measuring severity ratings
  • When and how to measure errors
  • Exploring behavioral and physiological metrics
  • Understanding Google analytics
  • Understanding post-test debriefing
  • Creating usability reports

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