26 April 2011

On memes and sources, and a tip for presenters

Am I the only person who grumbles when presenters (or writers) make interesting claims but provide no source/evidence?

In Conversation is the New Attention, Christopher Fahey (@ChrisFahey) and Timothy Meany (@TimothyMeany) argue that “public speaking technology” can and should be improved because conferences are broken.  What do they mean by “public speaking technology”?

(a) gathering people in a room, (b) giving the speaker(s) a microphone and a projector, and (c) allowing the audience to ask questions at the end.

This is what I call “sage on a stage” and it is an age-old conference format with a technological supplement, the projector. And criticism of that format, at least for “learning”, is a century-old [1]:

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