UX Capstone, Session 4


Project documentation – focus on implementation and usability testing

  • Overview and housekeeping
    • Reminder: check-in and provide feedback to one another in Slack.
  • Discussion/questions –
  • This session deliverables:
    • The usability testing plan
      • The methodology for conducting the usability test
      • Explanation of personas selected for testing and plan for selecting testers
      • Scenarios/tasks performed by the testers
    • Usability test report
      • Problems identified by testing
      • Recommendations for modifying site or application design
    • Draft pitch deck (only two in Slack right now)


  • Photos
    • DeathToTheStockPhoto and LittleVisuals (download the sets, no longer updated), unsplash
    • Flickr > search for CC licensed photos
    • Getty/iStock > use comp versions (watermarked)
    • Google Images > search for CC licensed photos
    • Library of Congress (any government produced photo unless it is marked an exception)
    • Be careful but check picjumbopixabay

Mid-session digital stand-ups

Online reports due by noon Saturday – each report should explain (a) what you’ve done, (b) what you’re working on and (c) what you need help with or where you have questions/are blocked.

Within 24 hours, read and respond to at least two class member reports. This is an opportunity to help one another move through challenges.

When we meet on for session five, each class member should have completed one stand-up report and at least two responses in this sprint.


For Session 5

Formal presentation of Capstone Project

Follow link for details about the assignment.

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