UX Capstone, Session 1


Seminar Orientation

  • Introductions and housekeeping
  • Mini-lecture/discussion/questions
    • Slack (let’s get everyone signed up tonight)


Mid-session digital stand-ups

Online reports due by midnight – each report should explain

  1. What did you accomplish since the last meeting/report?
  2. What are you working on until the next meeting/report?
  3. What is getting in your way or keeping you from doing what you’ve planned?

The reporting schedule until our next session:

  1. One week after class (TH, 5 July)
  2. Two weeks after class (WE, 15 July)

Within 24 hours, read and respond to at least two class member reports.

This is an opportunity to help one another move through challenges.

When we meet for session two, each class member should have completed one stand-up report and at least two responses in this sprint.

For Session 2

Project documentation – focus on the client and audience

  • Problem statement
  • Market/competitor research
  • Personas, scenarios/task flow

Follow link for details about the assignment.

Suggested reading




  1. Wednesday, June 27
  2. Wednesday, July 11
  3. Wednesday, August 1
  4. Wednesday, August 15
  5. Wednesday, August 29