Web, session 4

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Tonight’s discussion

  • Discuss: find three themes (free or $) that you find visually appealing; create an interesting link post (creative headlines!) about them on the SBdesign220 course blog; your primary audience is your fellow classmates – what might they want to know? Include a screen capture of each one. Remember to link to each theme. Post to class WP site before 5 pm on Wednesday.
    • Read and comment on your classmate posts
    • What makes a good theme?
    • How can you decide if you should buy a theme?
    • What are the parts of a theme?
  • HTML
    • History/overview
    • HTML 5 – how it’s different
    • Basic HTML

Lab / HTML

Send me an email with a screen capture that shows your completion.
code academy completion

Lab / WP (or before Monday’s class)

  • Install JetPack
  • Install at least one new theme on your self-hosted site.
  • Turn on Akismet (use your WP.com account info to get your FREE API Key)
  • Make sure your Gravatars have photo or sketch (of you), biographical info.
  • Time permitting > Install Yoast SEO pack


Next session assignments

  • Read/resources: (see main page)
  • Create a post on the student site with information about your self-hosted site (domain, purpose, audience). Be sure to include the link! Write about how you might/will you use a blog with your site. Link to your Gravatar. Talk about the theme  you installed and why you picked it. Was it one that you found or one that a classmate found?


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