Web, session 1

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  • Introductions
  • Syllabus review
  • Collectively: what do we already know?
    • Survey
    • Quiz (not for grading, for info only – post PDF of answers page to Slack)
  • DropBox: Introduction to web design
    • Discuss project ideas
  • Brief Discussion: domain names and hosting services


  • Dropbox: WordPress
  • Set up accounts (what is your preferred email?)
    • WordPress.com course blog (reading reflections, final project @ sbdesign220.wordpress.com)
      • Kathy will demo dashboard, creating a new post, selecting a category, and managing your ID
      • Why? to add you to this course site as an author, which gives you experience with multi-author blogs
      • Why? to get accustomed to the WordPress interface before setting up self-hosted accounts
      • Why? for access to WordPress services such as AkismetGravatarJetPack
    • sb-students.slack.com (file sharing and team communication)
    • github.com (maybe for code assignments)
  • Read WP VQSG Ch 2 & 5 &
  • Read Why use WordPress
    • Post to WordPress.com course blog (category: project) before end of class — two ah-ha’s. Try to connect them to your course goals/project ideas. Upload a photo and edit the information on your Gravatar.
      • Purpose > practice with WP and think seriously about what you want to accomplish over the next five weeks
  • Your learning goals for the course
    • Post to WordPress.com course blog (category, project) before end of class
      • Purpose > create clear expectations for success and help mold course content
      • Must be specific, measurable, do-able in five weeks!
      • I need to know if you are Mac or PC (this is on the survey)


Next session assignments

  • Read/resources: (see main page, due before 5 pm on Wednesday)
  • Pick website genre; bring 2-3 possible domain names to class. We will register domain name and set up web hosting before the end of class (bring CC)
  • We will also be downloading software (FTP, HTML editor)


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