Producing brochures

Producing Brochures is a continuing education class offered by South Puget Sound Community College.

Do you need to create a stunning brochure or marketing piece for print and web? Do you need to know the basics of InDesign, how to edit photos in that brochure and use Acrobat to prepare it for the web? If that’s what you need, this hands-on, participatory class is an elective after completing the basic four-part core series, using Adobe Creative Suite.

This 1.5 day course includes the basic elements, vocabulary and practical use of InDesign for creating a brochure for both print and the web. Besides learning the basic tenets for creating a brochure, you will also get a brief introduction to integrating Photoshop and Acrobat in the design process.

Course files and resources



“Grids are the invisible glue that hold your design together.”
~ Kathy Gill

Grids are composed of vertical and horizontal lines which are used as a guide for design layout. A grid system is a way of organizing content on a page (digital device or paper), using any combination of margins, guides, rows and columns. The grid is invisible in the final product, but following it helps in create effective print and web layouts.


I need help with …

Sourcing images


Brochure templates

Remember, if you are using CS6, you need CS4 templates/files.

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