Project status


  • Andrew: interactive story / iPad Air, iOS8
  • Jackson: gaming/ Windows7 Chrome
  • KatieC: pregnancy app /iPhone6, iOS8
  • KatieJ: food app/iPhone6, iOS8
  • Nicole: sex education app / device?

Due session 4

Research post: find four “competitors” for your project; why did you pick them?

Due session 5

Research post: for your project, develop three personas with specific scenarios/tasks. Use your work with your competitor sites to help develop tasks. Tell me what platform/device you are designing for and why.

In-class, expanded personas:

Due session 6

Research post: post the low-fidelity wireframes for your project.

  • Andrew  // Jackson  // KatieC  // KatieJ  // Nicole

Due session 7

  • Research post: post the high-fidelity wireframes for your project.  Post to class WP site before 5 pm on Monday.
    • No one


Due session 8

Reading prompt: how are you going to incorporate social media into your project?

Research post: provide detailed scenarios/tasks for your prototype.



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