HCDE 532: Assignment 3

Building upon the tutorial in our exercise, page layout for your web page, create a new page based on the index.html page and name it about.html. This is going to be your first draft of your “About” page in the five-page portfolio site we are building.

Look at at least six other portfolio sites (we’ll call them “competitor sites”), analyzing them for color, content and visual design.

  • Sketch out (pencil and paper) a rough idea of the visual design you might use with your site.
  • Draft copy for this page. (No more Lorum ipsum!) Put each paragraph inside <p> </p> tags.
  • Find a photo of you that is the right aspect ratio for the design you have in mind. For the time being, just embed the image below your copy. Make sure that the image width and height are not greater than the space on your page.

Then upload this new about.html file to your UW web server in our working directory.

The URL should be xxx.washington.edu/yourNetID/hcde532/working/about.html

Share the top three portfolio sites on Slack (channel is 2019-assignment-03) as well as your rough sketches (just snap a pic with your phone!).