Exercise: Page layout / adding images

1. Create an images folder on the server

Images should live in their own folder (or folders).

  1. Open Filezilla
  2. Create a new folder, images, at the same level as your hcde532 folder (note case)
    image folder


2. Find a photo you like


3. Upload the photo to the images directory

The name should be lower case and have no spaces. Either use camelCase or name-with-dashes. No underlines.

Be use to know what the file extension is (.gif, .png, .jpg).


4. Create a new page, image-text.html

  1. Open your index.html page.
  2. Copy this code, paste it into inside the BODY tags and save as image-text.html.
  3. Changing the placeholder name to the name of your file and correct the ‘yourNetID.’
  4. Then upload the page into your working directory.

Do both images load?