HCDE 532: Assignment 1

There are two parts to this assignment but only one deliverable for Canvas!

(1) Getting started with HTML

You will build a simple web page in an online code editor called Glitch. This tutorial is cribbed from Google Tools for Developers. Wednesday, we’ll discuss.

  • When you’ve finished (check due date/time!), paste the URL from this assignment in a plain text (not Word!) document. Here’s the naming convention for the assignment document: yourNetID-assignment1.txt


(2) Set up your website on UW servers

Here’s how to get set up your account on UW web servers.

  • Share your URLs in our Slack discussion group┬áin the channel #2019-class-links (everyone in the class can see these links).
  • Add the URL to the text file you created in part 1 (yourNetID-assignment1.txt). Then upload that file to Canvas to complete the assignment.


To recap:
Your Canvas deliverable for Assignment 1 is a text file that contains two URLs.


Helpful videos

What is Slack?

Using Slack

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