Design Principles, Session 3


  • Assignment review
    • You must complete all assignments to get credit for the class.
      • Completed: Alicja, Eric, Jacob, Jennifer, Karen, Katherine, Lindsey,  Na Young, Shana,  Rachel, Reeve, Upasana
      • Missing: Daniel, Jacquiline, Kendra, WeiHung
    • Assignment review: check your email for feedback on skill check 2; incorporate into final design brief due Friday at 6 pm (changed time)
  • Lecture/discussion
    • You’re a journalism instructor at UW. You have heard about a MOOC (anyone know what this stands for?) focused on building bots for journalism. A friend forwarded an email with information about the course and this link to register.
    • Record your steps/thoughts as you try to register for this course. Observe expectations versus website performance. (Notes below)
  • Small group presentations
    • Groups


Optional design discussion

  • Notes on sign-in:
    • To register, you must be logged in.*
      • If your prior username and password do not work (link to a page with a login screen), you’ll need to create a new account. (All of the new account info should be on the new account page, not here – it’s visual clutter.)*
    • Once you have logged in, go to the MOOC course list ( and select “Building Bots for Journalism: Software You Talk With”
      (Why can I not go straight to the course page >
    • Click “Enroll me” (the contrast here is poor: blue button on a blue bar).* We’ll send you an email confirming your enrollment (active tense), and you will see the course in “My Courses”
  • Compare “fake news” with real news for genre similarities
  • Show Overdrive’s UX weakness RE bookmarkable URLs (SnoIsle broken UX, also demonstrates InVision)



  • Complete week three skill check (Dropbox)
  • Complete your final design brief that incorporates the questions from all three skill checks into one document 
    • Examples of student work
    • Please include your name in the file names
      • Documents can be Word or PDF
      • If you are using Word365, Google or Dropbox, please print/save as a PDF and attach that rather than share the document with me.
  • Mail both documents to kathy-dot-gill @ bellevuecollege-dot-edu with the subject line: Design principles, final deliverables, FirstName LastName by Friday 29 June @ 6 pm (not noon)
  • If you used PPT or PDF or images for your presentation, please share those with me as well.


Design principles sessions

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