Design Principles, Session 3


  • Assignment review
    • You must complete all assignments to get credit for the class.
      • Turned in: Adriana, Camille, Jennie, Julie, Martha, Sam, Tiffany, Tova
        skill check 2
    • Assignment review: check your email for feedback on skill check 2; incorporate into final design brief due Friday at 6 pm Saturday at noon
  • Lecture/discussion
    • Contact forms versus email
    • Contact info as part of “about us” in IA
  • Small group presentations
    • Groups


Optional design discussion

  • Compare “fake news” with real news for genre similarities
  • Show Overdrive’s UX weakness RE bookmarkable URLs (SnoIsle broken UX, also demonstrates InVision)



  • Complete week three skill check (Dropbox)
  • Complete your final design brief that incorporates the questions from all three skill checks into one document 
    • Examples of student work
    • Remember to include your name in the file names
      • Documents can be Word or PDF
      • If you are using Word365, Google or Dropbox, please print/save as a PDF and attach that rather than share the document with me.
  • Turn in both documents using Canvas
    please name your documents
    your-name-skill-check3 and your-name-design-brief (with hyphens, no spaces)
  • If you used a PPT or PDF or images for your presentation, please share those with me as well, using the naming convention your-name-presentation.

Design principles sessions

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  2. Session 2
  3. Session 3