Design Principles, Session 3


  • Assignment review
    • Check your email for feedback on skill check 2; incorporate into final design brief due next week
    • Received from xxx
  • Lecture/discussion
  • Small group presentations
    • Groups


Check this Dropbox link

Optional design discussion



  1. Complete week three skill check (Dropbox) by Wednesday February 7 @ 6 pm. Email completed form to kathy – dot – gil l@ bellevuecollege – dot – edu with the subject line: Design principles, week 3, FirstName LastName; please add your name to the file name
  2. Submit your final design brief that incorporates the questions from all three skill checks by Wednesday February 7 @ 6 pm to kathy-dot-gill @ bellevuecollege-dot-edu with the subject line: Design principles, final brief, FirstName LastName; please include your name in the file name
    • This can be Word or PDF
    • If you are using Word365, please print a PDF and attach that rather than share the document with me.
  3. If you used PPT or PDF or images for your presentation, please share those with me as well.


Design principles sessions

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