Design Principles, Session 2


  • Assignment review
    • You must complete all assignments to get credit for the class.
      Mehta, Quinn
    • Explain naming convention
      naming conventions
    • Small groups: Discuss mission and example of competitor website that has three features that your site must match/include.
    • Large group: we’ll discuss needed features
  • Lecture/discussion
    • Revisit SMART goals
      • 10% increase in click through rate to contact in first six months after launch
      • 3 events scheduled through the site in the first month
    • Should I use a carousel?


Websites (your designs and redesigns)

Redesigns – class 2

  1. Adriana:
  2. Camille: (must pick a site not a page)
  3. Martha:!/menu/category/pizza/ (must pick a site not a page)
  4. Sam:
  5. Teresa: 99 Bangkok Cafe and Bar
  6. Tiffany:
  7. Tova: Pro Guiding Service

New websites – class 2

  1. Julia: Backpacking PNW



Redesigns – class 1

  1. Caitlin: Emerald City Pet Rescue *
  2. Danielle: Greyhound Pets, Inc.
  3. Djamel: Fluid 2 application (pls check email)
  4. Erika: Gold’s Gym
  5. Jennie: Seattle Metals Guild
  6. Julia: Vashon Aircraft
  7. Marcos:
  8. Miranda: Anniverse on deviantart
  9. Mohammad: Ginger’s Pet Rescue  *
  10. Monica:
  11. Natasha: Flywheel Sports *
  12. Nathan: Pho Than Brothers *
  13. Shabnam:


New websites – class 1

  1. Connor: portfolio
  2. Dean: Tuscan signs
  3. Matt: pest control company
  4. Trevor: Soundshockcomics (working title)


Competitor sites

Websites (some competitor sites)

Prior class redesigns




  1. Session 1:
    Complete week two skill check (Dropbox) by Sunday 30 September @ 6 pm.Session 2:
    Complete week two skill check (Dropbox) by Sunday 7 October @ 6 pm.Email completed form (PDF or .docx) to kathy-dot-gill @ bellevuecollege-dot-edu
    with the subject line
    Design principles, week 2, FirstName LastName and
    please name your document
    your-name-skill-check2 (with hyphens, no spaces)
  2. Bring ideas about color and what needs to be on the home page
  3. Come prepared to give a 2-3 minute presentation on your project to a small group of classmates. This will take place in the second half of the class.
  4. Read the remainder of the book, The Elements of User Experience

Your week 3 assignment, due Friday 5 October (or Friday 12 October) at 6pm, will be two deliverables:

  • the final skill check and
  • a final design brief that incorporates the questions from all three skill checks.


Design principles sessions

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  2. Session 2
  3. Session 3