Design Principles, Session 2


  • Assignment review
  • Revisit site choice
    • Not Big Site/Company! (Remember my plea last week)
    • Not a single page or very small section (as a general statement)
  • Revisit site goals
    • The reasons for a redesign are not what we are looking for with site goals. Site goals help you assess the success of the project.
    • How does web site or application support bricks-and-mortar business? A virtual business?
    • Examples:
      “This site purpose [is] to attract new students for the academy and also [to] be used as a resource for its current students.”
      “The purpose of this website will … [include serving] as a tool for customers to order tea in bulk and sign up for a monthly newsletter.”
  • Revisit SMART goals
    • 10% increase in click through rate to contact in first six months after launch
    • 3 events scheduled through the site in the first month
    • Metrics are proxies for what (IOW, why are we measuring this thing?)




Class projects





  1. Complete week two skill check (Dropbox)
    Email (to gmail account) completed form (PDF or .docx, no Notes) to me by 6 pm on Tuesday
  2. Bring ideas about color and what needs to be on the home page
  3. Come prepared to give a 5-7 minute presentation on your project to a small group of classmates. This will take place in the second half of the class. Your PPT is your third skill check.
  4. Read the remainder of the book, The Elements of User Experience


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