Design Principles, Session 2


  • Assignment review
    • You must complete all assignments to get credit for the class.
      • Completed: Alicja, Daniel, Eric, Jacob, Jacquiline, Jennifer, Karen, Katherine, Kendra, Lindsey, Na Young, Rachel, Reeve, Shana, Upasana, WeiHung
    • Everyone who submitted should have gotten an email from me this afternoon; please check
    • Small groups: Discuss mission and example of competitor website that has three features that your site must match/include
  • Lecture/discussion
    • Revisit SMART goals
      • 10% increase in click through rate to contact in first six months after launch
      • 3 events scheduled through the site in the first month


Websites (your designs and redesigns)


  1. Apple Tree Family Care
  2. Costco Customer Service
  3. Mercer Island Books
  4. Mercerwood Shore Club
  5. Mockingbird Society
  6. Ocean Crest Resort
  7. Ocean Naturals Tuna
  8. Oto Sushi
  9. Pacific Fabrics
  10. Seattle Humane Society (two)
  11. Taiwan Tastes
  12. Yakuzafan


New websites

  • BellevueVegan
  • Way Back Motors

Websites (some competitor sites)

Prior class redesigns




  1. Complete week two skill check (Dropbox) by Sunday 24 June @ 6 pm. Email completed form to kathy-dot-gill @ bellevuecollege-dot-edu with the subject line: Design principles, week 2, FirstName LastName and please name your document skill-check2-your-name (with hyphens, no spaces)
  2. Bring ideas about color and what needs to be on the home page
  3. Come prepared to give a 2-3 minute presentation on your project to a small group of classmates. This will take place in the second half of the class.
  4. Read the remainder of the book, The Elements of User Experience

Your week 3 assignment, due Friday 29 June at noon, will be two deliverables:

  • a skill check and
  • a final design brief that incorporates the questions from all three skill checks.


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