Mobile, session 8

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Prep for tonight

  • LEAN check-in:
    • What are you working on?
    • Where do you need help?
    • What are you doing next?
  • In the news: SEO and deep app content
  • Assignment: Visit the three competitor websites using a mobile device (or two or three). Take screen caps — which work well and why? How does the mobile experience compare to desktop? Why might someone visit the website on mobile (or not)?
    :: Andrew | Jackson | Katie | Nicole | Raisa
  • Assignment: Post a mock up (more than pencil, less than final comp) of your app’s “store” page in either Android or iOS store. Include one fake review. Your app icon should be more refined if you got design critique feedback. The icon should be uploaded to Slack IN #projects.
    :: Andrew | Jackson | Katie (app icon) | Nicole | Raisa

Tonight’s discussion

iOS color



icon states

Example profile

sample profile

1. This is a sample profile page. Make it one screen – scrolling is OK. No need for “steps”.


edit profile

2. Click in the “empty” space and keyboard launches. Click Done to hide keyboard and auto-save.


profile complete

3. Now the profile is complete and the only action available is “go back”

The profile is accessed thusly:


Settings are accessed via a side drawer to the right when you tap the modified hamburger icon.

edit profile

Settings screen – your options are to “go back” or tap on one of these settings to “go forward.” See Edit Profile near the top.




  • Work on what you have identified in the LEAN check-in.
  • Reminder: all materials need to be finalized by 10 pm next Wednesday and each student will give a short presentation on their app in the first hour of class, then we’ll have our final exam. From 7.30 – 10.00 we’ll have food break and lab time for polishing work.

Next session assignments


How to make a POST on Slack

Please make your InVisionApp link a POST in the #prototypes channel.

It’s important that your Slack entry that contains your prototype link  be one that allows for threaded comments.

Here is the Slack how-to for creating a post — get started by using one of these two methods:


Create a post by clicking the + sign at the bottom of the screen.


Another way to create a post in Slack.


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