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Tonight’s discussion

  • Review quiz (PDF on Slack)
    • Facts & data in first lecture — I was trying to find out if y’all have the concepts down //
    • 2B v 316M – 2014 sales; 7B v 2 B, installed base; Apple
    • Utility apps: BECU (could also be productivity), Calorie Counter, DragonSpeech, One Bus Away, Spotify
    • Informative apps: AlJazeera, BBC, Dictionary, Seattle Times
    • Locale-based apps:  Google Maps, Yelp
    • Productivity apps: Banking; Calendar; Mint; Slack; Strava (biking, running)
    • I don’t think these are locale-based >>  Angry Birds / Facebook / Instagram
  • Student presentations: getting to market! let’s learn about the two stores.
    • Raisa – iOS
    • Nicole – Android
    • Apple accounts for 92% smartphone profits (this is so wrong)
      “In its fiscal quarter ended March 28, Apple sold 43% more iPhones than a year earlier, at a higher price. The average iPhone price in the quarter rose by more than $60 to $659, on the strength of the larger-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.”


iOS / iTunes store / iPhone6
iOS / iTunes store / iPhone6
Google Play / Android / Samsung Galaxy S4Active
Google Play / Android / Samsung Galaxy S4Active

wiley-publishing-meggs-droid wiley-publishing-list-ios


Please post project files IN #projects

  • THE website wireframe/site outline of the pages/content posts are still, umm, MIA. (I am unhappy.) This post needs to be MORE than just a JPG or PNG. Detail how you will integrate social sharing/promotion. This MUST be completed before you leave tonight – I will also set aside another 30-40 minutes for feedback which MUST be completed before you leave tonight. The content details and social media promotion can be in a blog post if you like.
    :: Andrew, Nicole, Raisa (screencap, but no narrative)
    A,N > on Slack in #general – please move to #projectswhich is where R’s is
    :: Jackson | Katie |
  • Review competitor analysis and provide feedback
    :: Andrew | Jackson | Katie | Nicole | Raisa
  • We will look at everyone’s app icon and do a design critique.
  • It does NOT look like there will be much time tonight for us to talk about prototypes. Remember, the prototype link (InVision) needs to be accompanied by your telling us what task flow you’ve picked and why.
  • Action bar icons

Next session assignments

  • Provide peer feedback on one another’s prototypes by 5 pm Wednesday. On everyone’s.
  • Visit the three competitor websites using a mobile device (or two or three). Take screen caps — which work well and why? How does the mobile experience compare to desktop? Why might someone visit the website on mobile (or not)?
  • Post a mock up (more than pencil, less than final comp) of your app’s “store” page in either Android or iOS store. Include one fake review. Your app icon should be more refined if you got design critique feedback. The icon should be uploaded to Slack IN #projects.
  • Be prepared to lead peer session. Post your PPT or other materials to Slack by 6 pm Monday. Approximately 15 minute presentation / consider having visuals (like PPT) / have two-three questions for the class for discussion
    • Session 8, July 15: Speaking the lingo: CDMA/GSM – Jackson
    • Session 8, July 15: Speaking the lingo: 3G/4G/LTE networks – Katie
    • Session 9, July 20: Speaking the lingo: API, SDK – Andrew
Final project details
  • Begin with a description of the audience, goals, messages, and technological concerns (requirements, Design400 final documents)
  • Refine the three personas
  • Find/analyze three additional competitor applications
  • Build working prototype in inVision (both Android and iOS if time permits – Raisa and Jackson may not have time since they had no iOS app to build on )
  • Design app store interface (screen captures, copy, fake reviews)
  • Design website for application promotion/support with social media integration

The final project, except for the prototype, should be presented as either a PDF (design matters!) or as a website (you can make a WordPress site, design matters here, too!). The method of delivery is a blog post on the class site ( that contains a link to the prototype (InVision) and the PDF, which should be posted on SlideshareScribd, or the WordPress site.

Assessment for project (400 points)

Due by 10 pm our last night together
  • 400 points : all components present, no typos/grammatical errors, demonstrates creative thought and initiative (beyond minimum). Above average design (more to come). Short post to course blog announcing that the project is live (on time/links must work).
  • 300 points : all components present, minimal errors, average response. Aesthetically pleasing (more to come). Short post to course blog announcing that the project is live (either late or links do not work).
  • 200 points : missing components or major errors or below-average response. Lacking in one area: Aesthetically pleasing (more to come). Short post to course blog announcing that the project is live (both late and links do not work).
  • 100 points : missing components and major errors or below-average response. Lacking in more than one area: aesthetically pleasing (more to come). Did not submit short post to course blog announcing that the project is live.

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