Mobile, session 2

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Prep for tonight

  • Session 1: before end of class: analyze the three platforms. How are the interfaces alike? How are they different? What are the design challenges regarding device size and screen resolution?
    • [See posts for my response] Andrew, Jackson, Katie, Nicole, Raisa (if you’ve emailed, pls resend with different subject line to kegill at gmail – I sent your WP author invitation to your SB email address)
  • Post : your learning goals for the course // Due 5 pm Wednesdaypost to SB Design Students on (category, project)
    • None were posted by 5 pm Pacific! –  Andrew, Jackson, Katie, Nicole, Raisa

Tonight’s discussion


  • For this week (M, W):
    • If you have already designed for iOS device … create new templates for Android to redesign the exact same screens. Built-in interface elements will change, as will dimensions.
    • If you have designed for web browser … investigate how your screen size (aspect ratio) changes on a mobile device. Pick an Android phone or tablet … then mock up your prior session design for mobile.
    • If you do not have a design … pick Android as your platform … and brainstorm ideas for a project: audience / problem statement ; identify apps that already exist in the space
    • Due end-of-class Wednesday. Talk with Brandon about the best way to submit your work.
    • If you finish this before end-of-class, start on Monday’s assignments!

Next session assignments

  • Reading: Foreward, Preface, Ch 1 and 2 in Mobile Design Pattern Gallery.
    Writing prompt: find new examples (not the ones in the book!) of the navigation patterns in Ch 1. Use the device you own (iOS or Android). What did you learn while finding these examples? What worked? What didn’t work? Those of you who designed an app last term, how did this exercise affect your thoughts about that design?

    • Purpose > direct application of reading to design problems
  • Reading: Top 9 questions asked by new mobile app developers (2011)
    Writing prompt: what questions do you have that are not on this list (elaborate)? Which questions on this list pique your curiosity?  Post to SB Design Students on (category: reading) by 5 pm Monday

    • Purpose > stimulate thought about things other than app appearance and, hopefully, encourage additional interactive functionality
  • Find three online resources for the designer who wants to “stay up” on developments in mobile. This can include review sites (see Ch 1). Post to SB Design Students on (category: project) by 5 pm Monday
    • Purpose > encourage exploration of resources related to topic,  begin developing a resource library for one another


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