WEB 200: Week 10

Agenda, Tuesday

Lab: Contact form
Due Thursday: working contact form on your prototype site
Due Thursday: two of your desktop pages

In-class exercise – stand-up report

  • What have you accomplished on your prototype?
  • What are you working on now?
  • What do you need help with?

In-class exercise – building our live sites

We are building a five-page site. One of those pages is a contact page.

If you are going to have an email published on a website, make it a throw-away address that you use only for this purpose. Our best practice is a contact form.

Question: who has already built working forms?

  • Download this zipped folder (and extract it)
    form folder contents
  • Upload the file that is in the “scripts” folder … to your “scripts” folder on the web server. (If you do not have scripts folder, you should. And it should be at root.)
  • Open the HTML files in Brackets (or your favorite editor)
  • We’ll walk through customization and then you’ll upload the files to your server
    • For this exercise, you don’t need to use the header/footer/branding that you’ve developed for your site, but you can if you like
    • The purpose of this exercise is to get a working contact form
    • Upload your working URLs to tonight’s Slack channel (you’ve all been invited)
  • Test the form (so be sure to use an email address you can access in class for the “send to” address)
  • Google will warn you:

Tutorials and best practices