WEB 200: Week 06

Week 6: Feb 6 (no TH class)

Lecture: Wireframes (cont’d) and Design Principles (ppt from DropBox)
Reading: Readability and web typography, Smashing Magazine
Due Thursday: feedback (see below, no class)
Due Sunday: revised wireframes (now professionally produced)
Next Week: online assignment for the 13th will be available in Slack on the 12th / class on the 15th

Last week’s class video is accessible via Canvas > Announcements.

Assignment discussion

  • Student staging links
    • Look at everyone’s wireframes — send me an email (kegill / gmail)  with a comment about each of them. I’ll put them together (anonymous) and send the feedback. We’ll work on this for a short time, but the email is due to me by 8:15 pm on Thursday.
  • General comments > grids (missing), very wide and narrow images (but not hero)
  • As you refine these for Sunday, consider trying a tool like Balsamiq or Invision (both have free accounts, are SaaS, and are used in industry)

Design principles lecture

In-class assignment – hand in at end of class

  • Everyone look at this layout – now draw the grid that supports this design (pull into Photoshop/Illustrator or do it by hand if we can figure out how to print)
  • Take your home page and your top-level section pages … draw your grid lines on top of the design. Send to me (scan or take a clear photo).
  • What is your unique selling point – the ONE thing that makes you stand out? How does your home page design communicate this?



Mobile wireframes (due Sunday): pick a mobile device and wireframe goes inside this container