WEB 200: Assignment 08

Your protosite assignment must be posted to your server for your presentation.

When making your final presentation to the rest of the class, please tell us:

  • A description of project
  • Challenges that arose and how you solved them
  • Why you did what you did when you did it
  • What you would do differently if you could start over

Your final deliverable is a design specification document (PDF).

  • It details site purpose, measurable goals, audience.
  • It includes page layouts, colors and fonts.
  • It describes site functionality (e.g., ability to order product, schedule appointments/reservations, comment on posts).
  • It should include various stages of wireframes (from low to high) as well as final protosite screen captures.

Post to your client staging area and share the URL in the appropriate section of our Slack group. Be sure your name appears on the report.