WEB 200: Assignment 03

RIW Information Architecture by MIke Sinkula
RIW Information Architecture by Mike Sinkula

Information architecture is concerned with creating an organizational and navigational system that allows users to accomplish their tasks on the website efficiently and effectively.

The IA that you create for this course requires a hierarchical categorization scheme of your site’s content into meaningful groups and a functional sequence.


Given the purpose of the website and audience needs/tasks that you have identified, create a site information architecture diagram that shows the flow of information in the web site.

  • First, brainstorm a list of tasks/questions that represent what your users want to do on your site. Use your competitive sites to help generate the list.
  • Next, analyze that data, using affinity diagramming (also known as card sorting – we did an online card sort in class). Here is a post-it note/whiteboard example. Document the process you used to analyze your questions/tasks and to develop the site categories and content.
  • Finally, create a professionally presentable draft of your site information architecture in the software of your choosing. This evaluation and design process shall be presented in report format.
  • Post to your client staging area and share the URL in the appropriate channel of our Slack group (#assignment-03).


  • Adobe > Illustrator
  • MSFT > Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Visio
  • Online > draw.io
  • Mac-only: OmniGraffle

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