WEB 200: Assignment 01

You need to find and choose a website project for your assignments in the WEB200 class. This site you pick will be your selected website for the rest of the quarter and will be completed as your final project. This should also end up being a portfolio piece for you.

The final project must have

  • a home page
  • at least four main pages
  • one main page must have at least three sub-pages

If you completed WEB105, consider using the same (mock) client to complete the assignments for WEB200.

If you didn’t take WEB105 or want a new project, here are some tips:

  • Find an existing website for a small business that you feel could use a redesign.
  • Select a small business in your neighborhood that you can design a website for and sell to them later.
  • NOTE 1: Your personal or business portfolio site is not an acceptable project.
  • NOTE 2: This is a class assignment. The excuse, “my client wanted me to do that,” is not acceptable.


  • Pick your project website that you will be using to complete your assignments for this quarter.
  • Create a Client Staging Area for your project (who needs to use SCC servers?).
  • Share the URL of your Client Staging Area in the appropriate section of our Slack group.