UX Design Fundamentals

List of the topics covered in this class and related activities. Some topics have related exercises and for some topics we review the information in the book. Not all topics in the lessons will be covered. Agenda may change as course progresses. See BCC Canvas / Dropboxtodd ux tweet

Lesson 1 Topics

  • Begin exploring the relationship between user experience and user-centered design
  • Analyze the business needs for a web site or application
  • Identify the SMART business objectives of the web or application
  • Don Norman on user experience

Lesson 1 Assignments

  • Book: Chapters 1 and 2
  • Skill Check #1

Lesson 2 Topics

  • Collect user information using online resources and user interviews.
  • Summarize user research results.
  • Create user personas for your website.
  • Psychology for designers (YT)

Lesson 2 Assignments

  • Book: Chapter 3
  • Skill Check #2

Lesson 3 Topics

  • Create user scenarios for your website
  • Create flows and storyboards that illustrate the user journey through the website

Lesson 3 Assignments

  • Book: Chapter 4
  • Skill Check #3

Lesson 4 Topics

  • Identify the information users need from the website and how it will be organized
  • Video

Lesson 4 Assignments

  • Book: Chapter 5
  • Skill Check #4

Lesson 5 Topics

  • Identify interaction design patterns for the website.
  • Create interaction sketches for the site.

Lesson 5 Assignments

  • Book: Chapter 6
  • Skill Check #5

Lesson 6 Topics

  • Complete a huerestic evaluation.
  • Create a usability test plan including task identification and testing script.

Lesson 6 Assignments

  • Book: Chapter 7
  • Skill Check #6