HTML Level 1

This two day hands-on class is for students new to HTML. It begins with an introduction to web technologies and then provides a comprehensive overview of HTML.

Course material


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  1. – The Importance of HTML (3m 19s)
  2. – The Current State of HTML (5m 54s)
  3. Naked Science Scrapbook – How does the Internet work? (14 m)
  4. CodeAcademy – How the Internet Works for Developers (9m – not entire clip)

Book details

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Course description

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Create pages, titles, links
  • Understand web design basics
  • Mark up text
  • Add graphics and links
  • Understand the standards
  • Deal with meta elements
  • Brief introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

Anyone whose work involves communicating effectively via the web.

Recommended Prerequisites
Before taking this course, students should be familiar with Windows functions such as creating folders; launching programs; copying and pasting objects; formatting text; and retrieving and saving files. Experience using browsers and the Internet is assumed.