HCDE 532: Assignment 5

Building upon the tutorial in our exercise, visual design for your web page, develop your color palette.

1. Content

  • Identify the five pages you’re going to include in your site
  • Create a blank page for each, with a human-readable file name, and upload them to your website at the root directory (not in the hcde532 folder)
  • Begin gathering the content for each page (recognizing that we will build a contact form together)

2. Color palette

  • Pick a color for the background, the header (text and background), text, and links.
  • Write down their hex values!
  • Using HTML and tables, in a new document, create a visual color palette with readable hex values. Call it color-palette.html and upload it into your client-files directory. The URL should be xxx.washington.edu/yourNetID/hcde532/color-palette.html
    • This is an application of existing skills to create a from-scratch document.
    • Create a CSS class (background-color) for each of the table cells. This can be an inline CSS statement if you like.

3. Visual design

  • Make a copy of your demo-index-5.html page and name it index-5.html.
  • Using the exercise page as a model, along with your work from last week, apply the colors to your index-4.html page.
  • Direct your links to the four new pages you’ve created in step 1.
  • Then upload this new file to your UW web server in the root directory.

NOTE: The assignment URL should be xxx.washington.edu/yourNetID/index-5.html