HCDE 532: Assignment 2

There are two parts to this exercise: setting up your UW server and uploading a new HTML file to your UW server.

1. Setting up your server

Create a directory structure like you see in this screen capture.

FTP file structure

2. Upload a new HTML file to your UW web server.

Building upon the tutorial in our exercise, creating your first web page, experiment with HTML to add the following:

  • A blockquote
  • An address
  • A table with one header row, two additional rows, and two columns.

Modify your CSS:

  • Give the blockquote a background color of #FDF996 and make the text italic
  • Make the text of the address a san-serif font
  • Give the table a border of 1px

Then upload this new index.html file to your UW web server in your working directory.

Your assignment deliverable is a Word document that contains

  • A screen capture of your web server set up
  • A link to the revised HTML page (we’ll start working on it in class)

Here’s the naming convention for the assignment document: yourNetID-assignment2.docx