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Writing effective hyperlinks: critique and recommendation

It’s hard for me to grasp that in 2013 we still need to talk about “click here” as a hyperlink. (Just say No!)

Look at this promotional email from Top Food & Drug:

Top Foods email

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Another reason to avoid “Click Here” links: link rot

There are many (many!) reasons not to use “click here” as your hyperlink text inside the body of a piece of content. One that you probably haven’t considered is what happens when the link rots.

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Kingston: web support site seems designed to frustrate

I have a new Kingston Solid State Drive (SSD), and I’m not happy with its performance. Naturally, I went to the Kingston website to contact support. It was an exercise in frustration.

Even though the site knows I am in the United States (I’ve been here before, there must be an unused cookie), the first screen is … pick your country! An unnecessary hoop.

Kingston Support
Kingston Support Asks For Redundant Information