How do people read tweets?

Updated. To put into perspective the impact of Twitter’s having shut down UberTwitter and Twidroyd today, look at these data from TwitterSource for “last day” on the various ways people read their Tweetstream:

  1. The web: 35%
  2. Ubertwitter: 7.3%
  3. Twitter for iPhone: 6.6%
  4. Twitter for Blackberry: 6.2%
  5. Tweetdeck: 5.3%

Shutting down 7 percent of your traffic?* Ballsy. That must be a serious policy violation: TechCrunch reports that at least part of the complain was trademark violation. From Carolyn Penner, Twitter’s spokeswoman:


Skittles Web Site: Who’s The Audience?

A MediaPost mention about Twitter and Skittles greeted me when I opened TweetDeck this morning. After reading (and retweeting), I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

skittles_ageNothing — nothing — I read prepared me for the inanity that is the “user experience”. I’d love to see the personas that the ad agency used when it pitched this web site design. (Hint: that’s a not-so-veiled slap, because it looks like there were no personas in use.)

I’m speaking, first, to the “you must be x-age to enter” widget.

Excuse me? Skittles is candy.

There’s a disclaimer in small print about needing to be 18 to “shop” (not “buy”) online. OK, but there’s nothing for sale here! I checked one of my favorite candies, Nerds; Wonka has no such age-barrier. Snickers (another Mars candy) has what appears to me to be on first glance another inane site, but, like Wonka Nerds, it has no age-barrier.