UI: text v buttons

A really really long time ago, I remember hearing Jared Spool report usability research that said text links trumped images. I mean, a really long time ago. In the ’90s, I think.

I don’t know if it’s the “button” or its placement on the screen, but I seem to regularly get a headache trying to find “edit” links when they are disguised as buttons. Maybe it’s because button=submit in my mind. In any case, Diigo is the latest example.

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NBC Sports #Fail

I know, that’s a provocative headline. (And Olympics fans are probably laughing.)

I’m am regularly driven insane by email marketing that is written by people who remain clueless, even though by Internet standards this industry is incredibly mature. An email featuring NBC Sports just happened to be my tipping point. NBC Sports fail is related to website user experience; the United States Equestrian Federation is responsible for the email marketing fail.