Dear Netflix: please make your UI easier to use

Netflix is now available in 41 countries and its subscriber base grew by approximately one-third from third quarter 2012 to third quarter 2013. It has demonstrated creative chops with House of Cards (first Emmy for an online-only TV show) and Orange is the New Black (highly acclaimed).

But to add new customers — and retain its current base — Netflix has to do more than create original content.

It must make it drop-dead easy to watch-on-demand, whether that’s original programming, syndicated television shows or movies.

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Amazon interface feature request : from the SuggestionBox

If you’ve ever sent an Amazon “email” to an affiliate seller, you’ve seen this screen:

Message Sent
Confirmation screen on

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Writing effective hyperlinks: critique and recommendation

It’s hard for me to grasp that in 2013 we still need to talk about “click here” as a hyperlink. (Just say No!)

Look at this promotional email from Top Food & Drug:

Top Foods email

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