December 24

Heuristic violations: application status aka feedback

How to make subscription activation a pain

When we engage with a web application, the interaction is something like a conversation.

A click is not unlike asking a conversational partner a question. We expect confirmation that the listener heard the question (a head nod, a verbal cue) and some sort of answer. Even if the answer is “I don’t know.”

This leads to a key heuristic for web (and mobile) design: making system status visible. That’s a fancy/engineering way of saying that applications need to provide feedback, to respond after we, figuratively, ask a question.

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October 13

How to manage web projects without setting your hair on fire

It seems like everyone in the organization believes they know what makes a website “work” despite having no design training. Managers insist that “their” pages look or act in ways directly contrary to the rest of the website. Or the web.

What are the unique characteristics of the web that make managing design a challenge? How can we empower stakeholders while also creating a seamless user experience? And how would an iterative, collaborative design process facilitate a responsive web, one where sites work well on phones, tablets and desktops?

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