15 February 2018

Six tips for giving design feedback

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Design that occurs in a vacuum is usually called “art.”

Design that has its goal the desire to help users solve problems does not happen in a vacuum. We need to learn how to give (and receive) feedback from peers, clients and bosses.

Whether you aspire to the manager track or want to be a productive member of a design team, you’ll need to get comfortable giving feedback. The rules for providing effective feedback for a design parallel those for giving feedback on employee performance.

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28 June 2016

Communicating web content language choice

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The web is no longer dominated by English speakers: only about 1-in-4 Internet users speak English. Even native-English speaking countries have substantial populations that are more comfortable communicating in a different language. And some websites are required by law to provide information in alternate languages.

There are two types of multilingual content: web sites geolocated to a specific country and web content that has been translated for non-native speakers.

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