Cultural Production In A Digital Age

Guest Lecture for Gina Neff’s class on 11 October 2007.

Abstract: Web 2.0 technologies change how we interact with digital cultural objects. We are no longer merely a consumer; we are also a producer. This is a power shift, and the result is entrenchment on the parts of society that currently hold power.

Also, see this relevant post from Monica Guzman at the Seattle P-I.


“I Blog, Therefore I Am” — An Introduction to Blogging

Part three in a workshop series sponsored by UW Department of Communications, the Seattle Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications and the UW Alumni Association. From the promo:

Blogging is one of the hottest buzzwords in communication today, whether we’re talking about journalism, public relations, politics or marketing. Learn what makes blogs different from other Web site forms, analyze a variety of blogging technologies and hosts, and explore how local businesses and media companies are incorporating blogs into their communication mix.


NCA: Podcasting In The Classroom


Podcasting As Active Learning: My 8 minute presentation at NCA, San Antonio, on experimenting with podcasting as a learning tool in COM300, Spring 2006, at the University of Washington.

From the program, session 40742:
The panelists are early adopters of podcasting for instructional development. Podcasting is an internet-based audio/video distribution technology allowing subscribers to automatically receive updated content for listening/viewing via computer or portable media

Listen …
mp4 @ dotMac,
mp3 @ UW