22 October 2012

Five clicks to get to a download is at least four too many

Listen up, marketing folks. Tell your developers you need bookmarkable URLs so that when a customer clicks on a link, she can go straight to the product. If it’s not in the functional spec, it’s not going to happen.

search resultsHere’s a tale from Microsoft. I needed to install Microsoft Remote Desktop, so that was the query I typed into my search bar. And the software was the first search result.

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10 March 2011

Kingston: web support site seems designed to frustrate

I have a new Kingston Solid State Drive (SSD), and I’m not happy with its performance. Naturally, I went to the Kingston website to contact support. It was an exercise in frustration.

Even though the site knows I am in the United States (I’ve been here before, there must be an unused cookie), the first screen is … pick your country! An unnecessary hoop.

Kingston Support
Kingston Support Asks For Redundant Information

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