16 November 2013

Dear LinkedIn: UI help desperately needed

Anyone who has a LinkedIn account probably knows of the pain I’m about to describe.

The scenario

You’ve received an invitation to connect from someone who seems only vaguely familiar.

When you mouseover the person’s name on the pending invitations page, LinkedIn generates a pop-up that shows you the second-degree connections. In this example, there are 19.

LinkedIn Invitation
Figure 1. LinkedIn Invitation To Connect; 19 connections

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27 October 2013

Dear Netflix: please make your UI easier to use

Netflix is now available in 41 countries and its subscriber base grew by approximately one-third from third quarter 2012 to third quarter 2013. It has demonstrated creative chops with House of Cards (first Emmy for an online-only TV show) and Orange is the New Black (highly acclaimed).

But to add new customers — and retain its current base — Netflix has to do more than create original content.

It must make it drop-dead easy to watch-on-demand, whether that’s original programming, syndicated television shows or movies.
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